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GP plants keeps a log of each batch, of the plant, the procedure, the feed, the additives, the sterilisation conditions and the cutting process. Each production (batch) is given its own EAN code and all codes are checked at every stage. Our highly precise working method prevents ‘mixing’, and when mutations occur, the breeder can have access to our breeding data. This helps us chart the unstable species and mutation sensitivity.

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Cutting and sterilising

Parts of the meristem are cut out of the plants with great precision (under the microscope) in the laboratory. These are made sterile and then placed in a growing gel (agar agar).

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The meristem eyes are then placed into a propagation trays. The composition of the growth gel and the growth conditions are fully adapted to the stage of the process.

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Once the meristems have grown into mini plants, it is time for the rooting stage. This stage is essential for a strong plant that will grow well in the hardening-off stage.

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Hardening off

During the hardening-off stage, the young plants are placed into the ground. The plants are grown, under optimised conditions, into plugs which are then returned to the commercial growers.

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